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Many vision insurance plans will cover an annual "wellness eye exam." This exam includes an ocular health screening and refractive measurements for glasses.


A comprehensive exam at Longview Eye Associates includes a full assessment of the health of the eyes. This includes diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease such as: diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, strabismus, and retinal detachments. We offer the latest technology in diagnostic testing for these medical conditions.


We try to reserve time on the patient schedule to treat patients suffering from a sudden onset red/painful eye, sudden onset of vision loss, new floaters or flashes seen in one's visual field, foreign matter in one's eye, possible eye infections, or other emergent care issues. If you have concerns about new ocular symptoms, our trained staff can help you schedule a work-in appointment. These visits are not covered by vision plans, but can be filed to Medical Insurance if our office is an in-network provider for your plan.


The doctors will be assessing the effects of the contact lenses on your eye and the condition of the tissues that come in contact with the lenses to ensure proper base curvature, lens material, and wear schedule. This is to determine the appropriateness of your lenses and rule out any concerns of any underlying conditions that may hinder continued contact lens wear. The contact lens exam goes beyond the insurance coverage and is needed to receive or renew a contact lens prescription. Insurance considers the contact exam to be a separate charge not included in the co-pay for a standard medical or refractive exam.

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Dr. Kristen Pratt provides specialty contact lens evaluations and fittings for patients who either have an ocular health issue that prevents them from wearing traditional soft contact lenses, or who have reduced best-corrected vision in traditional glasses or contacts. Many of these patients have suffered complications from a prior corneal surgery, have a corneal dystrophy, or very high refractive error that limits their corrective lens options. These appointments are made by a doctor-referral, and require several follow-up visits to ensure proper centration, fit and vision in the customized lenses.


Dr. Sarah Ward provides vision and ocular health examinations for children as young as 6 months of age. Using special techniques she can assess you children for glasses, binocular vision issues and ocular health concerns. We advise you to bring along a small toy sippy cup and/or snack for your child to help keep them comfortable. We also recommend leaving siblings with another care-giver to minimize distractions in your child's exam.


Dr. Justin Ward provides low vision services for adults and children suffering from visual impairments including albinism, nystagmus, macular degeneration, glaucoma and stroke. These services include magnification for reading, driving and computer work. If you or a loved one could benefit from these services, please contact one of our Para-optometric Technicians for more information.

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